Posted by: michelezanini | February 9, 2013

Chasing bugs

Since my last, rather desperate sounding blog I have visited my most understanding GP. He is concerned and willing to look beyond the MS. He is sending me for a CT scan. Did I ever mention the bonus of how cute he is? Plus that, he is not afraid to admit he doesn’t know everything. He is sending me to an orthopaedic surgeon, not for a hip replacement but for another opinion. It has taken considerable time but we have determined the pain is not coming from my back but from my hip. The cortisone injections in the two bursas brought some relief but there is something more going on and the symptoms I describe are confusing making it even more difficult to know how to treat. In the meantime and much to my chagrin, I am on two painkillers that bring the pain down to a level that I can live with…not gone, but I can smile more readily now (an awesome thing for those that love me).

Odd enough my hip x-ray shows all is healthy; perhaps the CT scan will show something in the softer tissues. With any luck it may be something that can be corrected by a nerve blocker injection. Fingers crossed there is nothing terribly invasive that needs to be done.

What is scaring me the most is how weak I have become. MS, pain, age, menopause and a sedentary job, I am not even as strong as my 82 year old mother (mind you she is pretty amazing!). The painkillers have helped enough that I am doing a few exercises again. As always, I am afraid to push too hard or the heat created by a challenging workout might leave me too weak to do anything for the rest of the day. It’s a fine balance; so I do little bits more often throughout the day. My workouts are pretty mild and would be considered tame by most standards. Something is better than nothing though, so like the Nike tag line, I break up my day and “just do it”. I continue to use a collection of strengthening and stretching exercises I have learned from many physiotherapists and my yoga teacher. If we ever win the lottery we might have to add a swimming pool to our place-ha!

I know I have made reference to the thought that the MS symptoms may be caused by Lyme disease, Chlamydia pneumonia, HHV-6, EBV, CMV, Toxoplasma, Protomyxoa rheumatic, metals and moulds. It is a long list of bacteria and other toxins to track down, many of which I have discovered, are not easily detected. I am not one to jump on just any band wagon but I am willing to try things that resonate well with me. The Liberation Treatment was not the complete ticket however I am still grateful for the relief I received. Clearly CCSVI symptoms are the same as some MS symptoms for me. I have not retained the balance I had post surgery but I am able to say that I have a better bladder (amen) and I sleep deeper now. Albeit pain can interfere with the latter, I still dream and treasure the fact I have that back.

I need not remind myself there is NOTHING being offered to me via mainstream medicine (aka my neurologist). I have decided to try a radical theory that MS is caused by bacteria. A bacteria that most of us have been exposed to by the time we are twenty. The treatment is a cocktail of antibiotics (all of which have been around for many years) taken for a year. Originated by Dr. David Weldon a microbiologist of infectious diseases; he applied the same protocol to his wife Sarah who has had MS for 20 years. I am choosing to try this unpopular, untested theory as the risks outweigh the possibility of eradicating a rather insidious bacterium. The targeted bacterium resides within our cells, and is stealth-like making it near impossible to find in a blood test. I might always regret it if I didn’t give it a try. Yes, long term antibiotics may wreak havoc on my gut flora, all I can say is cheers to yogurt and sauerkraut. Given time, lots of healing and some prayers, I may begin to feel better and HOW EXCITING IS THAT!



  1. Michelle ..keep us posted, since you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Thank you for sharing, since it could also be helping others, including myself….May God be with you and know you are not alone, blessings, Teresa Parker

  2. Unpopular, Untested? Bring it on! Let’s not throw out any ideas, regardless of the unflattering tag words associated with them. Trying something is better than giving up. Good luck with your gut…and Just Do It! 🙂


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