Posted by: michelezanini | April 26, 2012

The list goes on

A couple of weeks ago I visited Dr. Shaun Riddle, a highly regarded naturopathic doctor with clinics in Calgary and Scottsdale. After reviewing my medical history (WARNING his patient intake forms were ten pages long -wow), he spent plenty of time with me. I was mistaken in thinking my dentist friend, Dr. David Williams and he, Dr. Shaun had collaborated about me and what I have done in battling MS. I thought I was expected so there was some initial confusion. Once I realized any prior conversation he had with Dr. Williams was not specific to me,  I was a “new patient”. Thus Dr. Shaun offered his ideas, as mind blowing as they were. He sweetly said MS is such a difficult disease, everyone having such different symptoms…maybe I have Lyme Disease and MS making things worse. I have to admit I am more confused than ever NOW.

I left with less hope for neural therapy (the treatment I actually went for), a new avenue called Mold toxins and “YES” more information about Lyme Disease. Dr. Shaun encouraged me to research and to consider pursuing both of the latter possibilities. He told me to read Mold Warriors written by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. Heck, learning can’t hurt and I while I am reading I can certainly assess whether I show signs of mold toxicity. The book is on its way via snail mail but SERIOUSLY…think about Lyme Disease…again. I just recovered from the results of that darn expensive, non-productive blood test. Dr. Shaun was adamant that these tests are sensitive and often produce false negative results-sheesh, what’s a girl to do?!

I have seen people so desperate to regain their health they will do almost anything. Am I there now?  Is Lyme Disease real? Why do the symptoms have to be so similar to those of MS? Is Toxic Mold Disease worth chasing? Why do I have to go to a naturopathic doctor to talk about this? If these are viable health problems why isn’t the Canadian medical system working on better testing and treatments? Oh they talk about ticks, how to avoid ticks and some of the harm caused by these little buggers.  But does anyone really know how to remove one if you even happen to notice it before it burrows into your skin? Is your head spinning yet, because WAIT there’s more! Wonder if the disease ridden tick is too small to be seen? Wonder if you don’t get an obvious rash or fever? Wonder if the spirochetes (bacteria) entered your system ages ago, by a blood transfusion or a double-dipping mosquito? What about the treatments, cocktails of penicillin, long term antibiotics, and herx reactions while the bugs are killed off? Is Lyme Disease just a farce (our Canadian medical system doesn’t seem very well informed) , or is it a mere “money grab”? And if it is, how cruel and unjust to ask for precious dollars from people who are most likely not able to work hard and earn a good living. It is literally-a bloody blooming vicious cycle!

I don’t think I have ever been so confused: I feel the need for truth and clarity,-does that come in bottle? I’ll buy a dozen!

I have written Dr. Steven Hines at Hope Wellness in Texas. He is the one who recommended the Spirostat lab that I used. I hope he chooses to respond. I would like his full explanation of my test results. I have asked for him the rate of false negative tests, and how many more $1250.00 tests he thinks I should do! I am kicking myself for not asking for facts beforehand.  Who knew? I believe I am getting cranky, a state I prefer not to be in. Jeepers, creepers I went to have the controversial Liberation Treatment…in India, with less fussing and fretting…grrrr!

I am circling back now, to my visit with the ND, Dr. Shaun. He seemed surprised by my request for neural therapy. He did however agree it was worth a try and provided the therapy with a mild warning of the unknown side effects. The ND was not certain whether the procaine injections could go deep enough into a 25 year old surgical scar that runs the width of my abdomen and the depth an inch short of my spine.  Apparently some people feel almost instant differences, both good and bad. Dr. Williams has witnessed positive results where procaine was injected into old root canals, which is a very cool connection! I didn’t expect to have any bad side effects so I didn’t dwell on it. I really wanted to feel an opening of the meridians blocked by scar tissue (damn, I sound like a voodoo doctor now). I did however remain cautious and calm not wanting to create a placebo effect (which is what many feel happens with the Liberation Treatment). Sensing neither negative nor positive effects, I am currently quite ambivalent towards neural therapy.  I will go for another couple of treatments just to give it a fair shot (no pun intended-ha!).

My next step is making sure I do or do not have Lyme Disease. I have a request of those of you that have followed my journey, please let me know if you know a “real person” that has been clearly diagnosed and successfully treated for Lyme Disease. I am very interested in learning more before moving forward with this next possibility.

Keep on keeping on and again, thanks for your ongoing and continued support.




  1. Wow Michele! I can only imagine how frustrated you are. I have a couple of friends who have MS and they too have been told to test for Lyme disease because their symptoms are so similar. Did they do the test for Borrelia antibodies? Both have tested negative for LD but to rule it out – you have to do the expensive intensive testing.
    Have you read this guy’s story?:
    They all say though that you would notice the symptoms of the bite/tick right away but you’d probably remember that even if it was 20 or so years ago.
    It’s sure worth a shot so that you can at least eliminate the possibility of Lyme and if you didn’t you’d always wonder – right?

  2. Hello Michele.
    I wanted to let you know that I have 2 cousins (both Doctors at the University of Edmonton) who were instrumental in putting Lyme Disease on the Canadian map.
    Long story short, they saved their sons life, because they refused to give up. I have a book they co wrote, that you can borrow. It’s called Ending Denial, The Lyme Disease Epidemic A Canadian Public Health Disaster. If you would like to talk to them directly please let me know and I will get their phone number for you.
    They are scientists who just happened to study bugs ! Way to smart for me, 🙂 but lovely people.

    Kathy Armstrong

  3. Be careful when dealing with the American doctors, in my experience they promise the world and rarely deliver. Learning from my wife’s back problems…get a second or third opinion before signing up for any expensive treatments. That is a lesson I learned the very hard and expensive way.


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