Posted by: michelezanini | March 12, 2012

In a nutshell

As mentioned in my last BLOG, the jaw/bite/neck treatments I pursued have not lessened any of the MS symptoms but I have noticed more movement in my neck, less jaw pain, and I am sleeping like a baby now.  I will have to continue most of the prescribed routine into my daily life in order to maintain this positive change. YES, even in my very charmed life, MS and its’ cruelties cause me STRESS and for the most part (like any woman), I hold that stress in my shoulders and neck.  Whether it has been the exercises, the tens machine, the alpha stim…only the good Lord really knows what has helped (and that is another question for the big guy when I get there!).  What I really need to know is where I lost a pair of earrings I borrowed (without permission) from my daughter, bad mother! Not the first question you thought I would ask!
It was suggested that I have my blood tested properly for Lyme disease, other spirochetes and bacterium. A simple blood test, I was all in. Many of the symptoms for Lyme disease are like those of MS, or is it visa versa? Regardless we found out that Canada has an economically-based, fairly inaccurate and basic testing. Thus as recommended, we paid a dear price to send my blood to a laboratory in Texas. I was excited to think I might have found the eason for all of my woes. The results came back and showed NOTHING in my blood, NOTHING! I know that Lyme disease can be treated, and that there are specific doctors having excellent results.  To be honest I was terribly disappointed that the symptoms I have were not a result of Lyme disease. It felt weird knowing that I was sad because I wished I had Lyme disease not MS. I was unglued for a few days, another strike out, oh well what can you do? I am over it and moving on.
Finally it has been determined that I have serious hip issues (perhaps from dragging my MS legs around). Hip issues that have been causing me a fair bit of pain for a long time. Originally the thought was that it was MS neuropathic pain, treated by many drugs with no relief. Then it was thought it was back pain, more drugs, some “less than helpful” physio and a half a dozen cortisone facet joint injections with no relief. I have had to persist in seeking treatment upon treatment for years; the list is too long to rattle off what I have done. Last year I went back to my GP and asked him to pretend I didn’t have MS, and we started the process to determine the root of my pain. X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI’s, different clinics and at long last I am finding help at the Advanced Spinal Care Center (thanks to my sweet GP). I am now working with a wonderful physio therapist. Talk about jumping through hoops but worth every effort! I have made a dozen trips or more but have found some true relief with cortisone injections in the eliopsoas and greater trochanteric bursas and some targeted exercises. I have gained a range of movement I didn’t even realize I had lost. The pain level has decreased and I am able to do more of the exercises I need to do to stay strong and upright! 

Lookout world, I am moving forward living well with MS. I have come to realize that although “the proverbial WE” are all clumped into the category of having MS, our symptoms vary so much. I think WE have to do our own thing; listen to our bodies and follow our hearts. Honestly and sincerely I trust the wonders of modern Western medicine (which saved my life in the past), yet I have found comfort in many of the marvels of Eastern medicine as well. Meshing the two has been an awesome alternative for me. The challenge is choosing treatments that are fairly safe, and resonate well within. Having had major pancreatic surgery a year and a half before my first obvious MS symptom it has been suggested I try neural therapy… I am booked to see a highly recommended doc in a couple of weeks, wish me well.

My best to all,




  1. Hello Michelle; I just wanted you to know that although I (and many others) may be fairly silent after reading your blogs, I just wanted you to know that I enjoy hearing of your updates. I also want you and your wonderful caretaker there to know that I think of you two often, and I pray for you often as well, and I am thankful for your boldness to step out and share your struggles with the rest of us. For in your sharing, I find strength and comfort.
    Peace, Brad

  2. Howdy Michelle,

    Sorry for the delayed reply, been busy.

    I suppose when you live with MS, the switch to something with a possible better outlook and different treatments would be looked at hopefully. You take any path (even another disease) possible to better your life, I completely understand.

    My wife has chronic and brutal back pain, she is always looking at new-more-different treatments. It is a struggle sometimes, but a struggle she keeps fighting….what other options do folks with chrnonic illness have? Giving up is the worse option.


  3. Hi Michele, I hadnt checked your blog in a while and as always you blow me away with how you write, what you write and what you do. Lots of love and I will be following up to hear about the spinal clinic and the new doc.

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