Posted by: michelezanini | January 19, 2012

MIA for a while

Yes I have been MIA from writing the blog but for so many good reasons. Our cruise was out of this world. It left us with dreams of another and another. We are saving, madly!

Christmas was busy fun, celebrating with both families and realizing how lucky we are to be able to do that. Then we fulfilled one of Steve’s lifetime wishes of a few days in the mountains, creating memories with our girls and our son in law. Surrounded by snow, they tried snowshoes and x-country skies, we cuddled up around the fire, played games, and just relaxed. Then (in a whirlwind) we were off to bring in the New Year with our buddies in Vancouver.

Given the above charmed events, it is taking time for me to get back into my routine. I am openly admitting I am feeling pretty weary. Perhaps it is age, or maybe because it is winter BUT here’s the scoop….

I am lucky to have a wonderfully, flexible job, and an employer that provides understanding and support for my desire to maintain “the ever precious work/life balance”. It is important to me to be working outside of the needs of me and my family. It keeps me on my toes and provides a great diversion from the struggles of living with MS. Yet I continue to spend a lot of time taking care of my health. How exciting is that!?

Once I finish work I am stretching and meditating with yoga, strengthening muscles on my recumbent bike or doing floor exercises… having a massage or going for acupuncture (both are as routine as personal grooming). Ongoing is my hip/back issue. I have been seeing a physiotherapist who has determined my pain is most likely stemming from my hip. Probably not neuropathic, most likely mechanical aggravated (perhaps even caused by) dragging heavy MS legs. Believe me my legs feel ten times heavier than they look! Lord knows my hip pain could be from the multiple falls I have had on my left side (Home’s Funniest Videos could shoot an entire show!). Cortisone in the elio-psoas bursa has provided some relief but some pain lingers. It is interesting though, that the relief from the hip shot has been much greater than the three I had in my lower spine where the osteo-arthritis is. Never capitulate and never just accept “that is all there is” when it comes to taking care of yourself. I am a prime example that WE NEED TO BE AN ADVOCATE FOR OUR OWN HEALTH.

With that in mind what is going on, my blog is about living with MS? I had the liberation treatment two years ago in Bangalore with some symptom relief. Some good things have remained like dreaming and better bladder control (which is great, don’t get me wrong but I want more!). For the most part the boost in my strength and balance did not last thus my trip a year ago to California to have my valves ripped. FOR ME I am holding my own. Contrary to my neurologist’s predictions I am still walking. With a walker for the most part and it is slow and laboured, but I am moving. I am happy that the liberation treatment has helped others to a greater extent but what have we learnt from so many of us that have sought this procedure. It is not THE CAUSE, it is not THE CURE but a piece of the puzzle. Dr. Zamboni has opened the doors for more thought and more ideas.

I am currently working with a dentist to adjust my bite and relax muscles in my head, neck and shoulders. Hopefully what blood flow I have will improve. It is a daily commitment with weekly outings…it is long, time consuming and an arduous task. Every day I wear a bite splint, (which is the butt of some humour between Steve and I), take MSM pills, massage with MSM cream, ice my neck, do neck and jaw exercises, use a tens machine, an alpha-stim machine; weekly trips for ultrasound, more massage, micro-stimming, and cold laser (WHEW, that’s tiring just writing it down). It is only one possibility but it provides me with a HOPE and the knowledge that I am doing something to change the way I feel.

What is keeps me going; what makes me happy? It is my decision to enjoy more of the little AWESOME things in my life (which my daughter pointed out , could be as simple as finally getting that popcorn kernel out of your gums). NOT GIVING IN, NOT GIVING UP! I will not leave any rock unturned in my pursuit to live a good quality life, period!

Think about it… have you ever had a simple, little, AWESOME thing that just made that moment in life SHINE? Right now it’s being able to write this blog. Stay healthy!



  1. Michele,

    Love reading your blog posts, thanks.

    I have had a lot of a “few simple little awesome thing” that just made a moment in life shine. I am lucky enough to travel and had some great travelling companions. Travelling seems to trigger a lot of those moments.

    I find also that the people I have made my friends are the trigger for “few simple little awesome thing”. This is undoubtly because I take my health for granted….and maybe I shouldn’t. I am pretty sure that if I was unable to do something for an extended time, if the moment came when I was able to resume that activity, that would trigger one of those moments.

    My triggers seem to come from external sources, not internal.


  2. Dear Michele:

    Great to see that you are blogging again although having read it, I wonder how you find the time!

    You rock (with “rock” being used as both a verb and a noun) and you inspire me.

    Looking forward to seeing you.

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