Posted by: michelezanini | September 16, 2011

Louis Armstrong’s song What a Wonderful World still applies!

I wonder what transpired at the CCSVI Conference in Sidney BC on Saturday. Once I connect with Dr. David Williams, I hope to get the scoop first hand. I know it will be a Reader’s Condensed version from the very busy dentist. After speaking at the event I bet he has been overwhelmed by both curious attendees and those wanting to offer support surrounding his CCSVI theory. For me, the exciting part is that Dr. Williams said “it is wonderful some patients have clearly found benefits from venoplasty, the true learning will come from those of us that have only had minimal relief”. He and hopefully many others are asking why, what and how. My faith and hope currently lies in the hands of others. For now, I will do everything in my power to stay healthy, physically strong, mentally alert and spiritually full.

Despite still feeling pain in my back, hip and groin, staying positive right now is easy. I honestly feel that the treatments have warded off some of the progression of the MS. Hey, two years ago my neurologist suggested I would not be standing on my two legs “much longer”. Look at me, I am still upright! Albeit may not be pretty but I am still getting around and that alone is a celebration given his sad prediction.

There is no way a person could be a gracious as Jack Layton (he will be missed) but I just need to reflect on a few things to make me smile.

It was a glorious summer and it looks like it will be a gorgeous autumn too. Fall happens to be my favourite time of the year; to me leaves that are turning colours are one of Nature’s most awesome sights. It is such a nice surprise when simple things actually take your breath away!

I am surrounded by loving family every hour of every day. I just have to close my eyes and think of what is in my life. I am lucky to have two caring and thoughtful, young adult daughters. One specifically, who is concerned about my future. Cautiously and courageously Sarah approached us about alternative housing and other options that might make life easier for Steve and me. Selfishly I told her my goal is to live each day to the fullest and not take my MIND to places where my BODY might follow. That is my way of managing to live happily with MS. I know it is somewhat unrealistic but it is how I thrive and survive. Our dear Sarah even seemed to accept my curt and crazy response when I said that the future is a “blue job”(otherwise known as another task for Steve). The comfort comes in knowing that Sarah is aware of some of the pitfalls of living with MS and will always be diligent about helping us maintain a great quality of life!

My Grandma (our girls called her GiGi) lived a long life waking every morning to greet a goal-how wise she was! I maintain a fairly full calendar with something “shaking” almost every day of the week. Given my challenges I am sure GiGi is proudly watching over me from above. To have been able to spend precious time, listening and learning from such a strong and smart woman is just another one of my blessings!

Something special that is adding to make my world so wonderful is that we are about to embark on an unbelievable journey to the Mediterranean with treasured friends. Donna, Murray and Yvonne don’t seem at all concerned that I am a slow moving unit. How marvellously lucky we are to be holidaying with friends that can look past the disease and into our very souls for fun, laughter and making memories together. Yes, enjoying a bottle of good red wine together helps too!

Speaking of memories Steve and I are so fortunate to have both sets of parents with us; to lean on and call upon. They continue to teach us how to show love, accept love and be forgiving of each other. They constantly provide us with living, loving examples of being a family and maintaining a long, lasting marriage. Happy 54th Anniversary to both sets of our parents!

Let me wrap this BLOG up by sending you my best regards and warmest wishes that you can take a moment today to reflect on your wonderful world!

Ciao for now,



  1. Yes it is a wonderful world and in my little spot of it, life is for living by doing the best I can with what I’ve got to work with. Granted the amount I have from day to day changes all the time, that matters not for I continue doing what love. Thank you for speaking of what is right with the world and you as well have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely, this is why I follow you!

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